LunyTangent's Game Thing 2024 Edition!

7 Days to Die, but this time I used real mods

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7 Days to Tangent 2024 Edition

Basic Info

A custom 7 Days to Die server? Again? Yes. We’ve got some good additions this year, I promise. This server run in the current stable build of the game.

This time around we are encouraging players to branch out a bit with an optional leader board system! At the end of the event, players with the highest counts or most votes in cases of subjectivity will be able to earn a place for their username on the LunyTangent leader board site (coming soon)

February 27th at 10pm is the Event Night, where anyone and everyone is invited to hop in, merc some zombies and each other! PvP is encouraged. To facilitate schedules for different players, and to allow anyone that cannot participate in the Main Event night a chance to place on the leader board, the server will run for a week from February 20th to the night of the 27th until everyone logs off. The map is 50% Wasteland, 50% Snow. Built with the Big City mod, there many traders, and a good amout of places to raid.

What’s New

Mods. We’ve added several. All are server only, so no need to download anything. Just jump right in!

A21 Server Side Weapons and Server Side Zombies Plus

New Zombies! Some of these boys are tanky, so be warned.

Adds a few new special weapons and loot boxes to the game. To make use of the loot boxes you need to find tickets for them by looting stuff. I will place a couple of the loot crate kiosks near each trader so that anyone can make use of any tickets they find without needing to craft a kiosk themselves.

Better Loot

A host of changes to the loot table, mostly just making some stuff more likely to spawn

Health and Stamina Skills and Skill Mags x2

Adds new skills in Fortitude that allows you to dump your extra skill points into increased Health or Stamina.

Skill Magazines give you 2 points rather than one. Combined with 3x loot rules, you can gain up to 6 crafting points from a single magazine drop!

Starter Bundle (Modifed)

A bundle of starter items, obviously. I modified the bundle a bit so the things you see in the link above are not the same things you’ll get.

Not Just Shy of 50 (Bigger Bag) and Megastacks

This one is just because of personal preference. Extends rows of the bag to 10 rather than 9.

Higher stack quantities! You still drop everything in your bag when you die though, so be careful.

Custom Changes

Traders deal exclusively in 9mm ammo now. No more Dukes.

Most items are sold at any Trader tier now. You might get a really powerful gun or something on day 1 for example.

Traders are also open 24/7! This is done primarily because days are now only 30 real world minutes in length and every other night is a horde night. So traders stay open to give a bastion to players who might need a place to stay for a night. Beware though, this doesn’t stop the teleportation effect if you aren’t already inside the base when night falls. Meaning that if you leave the fenced area for any reason during a horde, you’ll be completely exposed.

There are a couple of things that reduce visablilty as well. Something to look out for.

How to qualify for the leader boards

To qualify for the basic stuff (zombie kills, player kills, deaths, etc.) screenshots of the result screen can be submitted to the Discord, but you must be online with someone from the Discord when the screenshot is taken to be considered valid.

In addition if you are online for the Event Night I will automatically enter your stats since I’ll be there myself and thus be able to see your stats.

Best Base and The Biggest Troll will be decided by committee. Trader bases do not qualify for Best Base, so you will need to have a Land Claim in your base to be considered. The Biggest Troll is more than just traps or player kills. You gotta be creative.

How To Join

The server is publicly available in-game listed as “Leviathan The 2nd” which you can filter for in the search screen after choosing “Join Game” on the main menu. You should know how to so this by now right?

The password will be made available on the Discord when the server launches, but you do not need to be a member of the Discord to join, you just have to know somebody that is, so you can get the password from them.